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Arden Henley, MA (Psych.), Ed.D., Dr. TCM (Hon.)

Arden Henley is a former Vice President of City University in Canada and one of the founders of its Masters of Counselling program. Arden has a BA from McMaster, an MA from Duquesne in Pittsburgh, and a Doctorate in Education Leadership from SFU.

Well known for his innovative leadership style and thought-provoking presentations, Arden has practiced Organizational Development and Family Therapy for over 40 years and consulted broadly with the community and government agencies. His book entitled “Social Architecture: Notes & Essays” summarizes his experience as both a Therapist and Organization Development Consultant.


Current research interests focus in the area of environmental psychology. This interest is also reflected is the development of the Green Technology Education Centre –

  • Henley, A. (2016). Insider Knowledge Influenced Pedagogy. In Kirstein, K., Schieber, C.E., Flores, K.A., and Olswang, S.G. (eds.), Supporting the Success of Adult and Online Students. North Charleson, SA: CreateSpace
  • Henley, A. (2019).  No mind in community: Cultivating ‘Fields in Good Heart’ in an intellectual and professional praxis-enhancing commons. In O. Gunnlaugson, C. Scott, H. Bai, & E. Sarath (Eds.), Catalyzing the field: Second person approaches to contemplative learning. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Teaching philosophy is influenced by post-structural and phenomenological thinking.

  • Family Systems
  •  Psychology of Aging
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