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Brent Galloway, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Brent Galloway has been an educator for over 30 years in a variety of capacities. Upon receiving his Bachelor of Education through Red Deer College and the University of Calgary, he taught and was an administrator for Wolf Creek School Division. His 20 years with this division also included working in central office as an AISI coordinator of instruction and assessment. Upon receiving his Masters of Education from the University of Lethbridge, Brent came back to Red Deer College as Coordinator of the Middle Years Program. He currently is an instructor in the School of Education and is working on his Ph.D. in Education through the University of Alberta. In addition to working in Central Alberta, he has also taught in Australia, and has worked extensively in providing professional development for teachers in rural Kenya. Brent has been teaching with CityU for the past three years.

  • Instructional Leadership: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (EEA 532)
  • Technologies for Learning (EEA 534)
  • 2013-present: Chairperson of Education, Red Deer College
  • 2003-2013: Coordinator/Instructor (Middle Years Education Program), University of Alberta
  • 2010-2011: AISI Coordinator, Wolf Creek Public School Division
  • 2001-2003: Prinicpal, Clive School (K-9 School)
  • Doctorate of Education, University of Alberta, In-Progress
  • Master of Education, University of Lethbridge, 1998
  • Bachelor of Education, University of Calgary
  • 2009: Scholarship in Teaching Award (Extended Practicum Initiative), Red Deer College
  • 2009: Excellence in Professional Development Award, Red Deer College
  • 2003: CARSCA Distinguished Leadership Award
  • ATA Educational Trust Grant (Brazilian Carnvial TeachingManual)
  • Edwin Parr Teaching Award (County of Lacombe #14)
  • Reading College for Struggling Readers (Spring 2014). English in Education (pending)
  • Education Matters, Red Deer Advocate (2004-2008, bimonthly article on educational matters published in Central Alberta paper)
  • Teaching Employability Skills to Young People (Culminating Project published for the University of Lethbridge, 1998)
  • Peer Support and Student Leadership Programs (ATA Safe and Caring Schools Publication published through the University of Alberta, 1998)
  • Japan Internet Unit (University of Lethbridge Independent Study, 1997)
  • Brazilian Carnival Teaching Manual (ATA Educational Grant, ATA Library, 1997)
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