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Cameron Stockdale

Cameron Stockdale is an Executive Leader who has been researching the intersection between leadership, organizational behavior, change management and strategic planning for over a decade. 

He has worked in a variety of different settings, including more than 25 years in the healthcare field related to emergency services, home healthcare support and more recently been appointed to the Inquiry Committee of the BC College of Pharmacists. His doctoral dissertation concentrated on the antecedent requirements for positive change within the Canadian healthcare system and formed a series of recommendations which if adopted would result in increased patient care outcomes. For the past 2 years he has been the President & CEO of the Work Wellness Institute, a national non-profit organization whose focus is to research topics related to occupational health and safety to create healthy, safe and inclusive workplaces for all workers.  

Dr. Stockdale is active in his professional associations, including the International Leadership Association and being inducted into the Alpha Iota Sigma Honor Society for recognition of advanced scholarship during his doctoral studies and is a founding member the society’s Research Committee advancing interdisciplinary research and collaboration to address contemporary complex social issues. 

Aside from his undergrad work in Recreation Management and various Paramedic programs Dr. Stockdale holds a Doctorate of Education from Creighton University, a Masters of Arts from the University of Guelph, Post Graduate Certificate from Harvard and is currently completing a Master of Laws at the University of Edinburgh.

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