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Cate Pelling

Instructor, MC program

Cate has been working in the counselling field since 1988 and she has been teaching counselling and psychology since 2003. As an instructor, she focuses on bringing real world experiences into the classroom. Cate see her role as facilitating student learning by providing applied learning opportunities that enable students to develop their skills and knowledge. 


Cate’s research interests have focused on attachment processes in close relationships. 

Pelling, C and Arvay-Buchanan, M. (2004). Experiences of Attachment Injury in Heterosexual Couple Relationships, Canadian Journal of Counselling, Vol 38:4, 289-303

Areas of Study
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Emotion Focused Therapy

The subject areas that she teaches require both a theoretical understanding of human experience and a set of relational skills. Students need opportunities to practice and develop their skills.  Sequential “practice” activities lead to skill acquisition and skill refinement. As an instructor, she believes her role is to facilitate and support students’ skill development and provide a theoretical backdrop for counselling practice. 

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