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Chantelle Bailey, B.HSc.

Associate Faculty

For the past 12 years I have gratefully been working in the Addictions field, mostly as a frontline Harm Reduction Specialist. I found a passion for educating when I was invited to facilitate a Harm Reduction Training course several times throughout the year with various community agencies across the city of Edmonton. That, along with my experience working with marginalized people who use substances brought me the opportunity to become a faculty member at CityU teaching the Psychology of Addictions mixed-mode course, and it has been my honour to do so for the past three years.


As someone who has learned just as much from working with the clients I have as I did in any formal education facility, I have put a lot of emphasis on how to apply the learned theory/skills to every day face-to-face interactions with the clients we work with. Part of being client-centered means having that approach influence all areas of my work, which includes teaching. Future service providers being able to provide compassionate and well-informed care is critical; being an instructor gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge on how to be that service provider.


CPC 529 Psychology of Addictions (Mixed Mode)

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