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Charles Scott

My background is in arts education, philosophy of education, and working with international students. I have a Ph.D. in education from Simon Fraser University and most of my academic work focuses on educational relationships and how we learn in and through relationships; I am interested in how teachers can enhance the learning experience for students. More specifically, I am interested in and excited about how knowledge is created and developed in dialogical relationships, in how the presence of the teacher impacts learning, in how we learn through multiple forms of intelligence, and in how learning can be meaningful for students. My current research interests include dialogical and contemplative approaches in education.

At CityU, in the BAM program, I have taught courses in critical thinking (BC 301) and the business ethics practicum (BC 401). Critical thinking and what I refer to as ‘critical engagement’ are ever more valuable in a VUCA world: one that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. My own views and work on ethics emerges out of the work of thinkers like Nel Noddings and Carol Gilligan (Ethics of Care), Charles Taylor (Ethics of Authenticity), Relational Ethics (Confucius, Tu Weiming, Charles Taylor, Heesoon Bai), and Virtue Ethics (Martin Buber, Confucius, Martha Nussbaum).

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