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Chris Shelley, Ph.D., C.C.C.

Chris Shelley, Ph.D. (UBC); MPhil (London); MA (Adler); HBA (York) is an associate faculty member in the Master of Counselling program at City University in Canada; a sessional lecturer at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice UBC, and teaches occasionally for the graduate program in counselling psychology (CNPS) at UBC.

He is clinical director of the Adler Centre (operated by the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC), a non-profit counselling and parent education Centre in Vancouver. Chris co-edits the British Adlerian Yearbook and holds interests in social justice, mental health, Adlerian, feminist and psychodynamic approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.

Courses taught at CityU
  • Research Project/Thesis (CPC 603)
  • Practicum (CPC 651, 652, 653)


  • 2007-present: Instructor in Counselling Psychology Graduate Prgram, University of British Columbia
  • 2007-present: Clinical Director, The Adler Centre
  • 2002-present: Sessional Instructor for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice, University of British Columbia
  • 2006-2007: Core Faculty, Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice), University of British Columbia, 2006
  • Master of Philosophy (Education), King’s College, University of London, 2004
  • Accredited Certificate in the Psychology of Addictions, Birkbeck College, University of London, 1999
  • Master of Arts (Counselling Psychology), Adler School of Professional Psychology, 1995
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology; Music Performance), York University, 1992

(2007) Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences / Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines, Ottawa, ON. For: Transpeople: Repudiation, Trauma, Healing. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. Amount $8,000.00


Books, and Book Chapters in Scholarly Anthologies

Shelley, C. (2008a). Transpeople: Repudiation, Trauma, Healing. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

  • Shelley, C. (2008b). Jan Smuts and personality theory: The problem of holism in psychology. In: R. Diriwächter and J. Valsiner (Eds.). Striving for the Whole:
  • Creating Theoretical Syntheses. (pp. 89 – 109). Somerset, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

Shelley, C. (2007). Transgender / Transsexual. In: M. Flood, J. K. Gardiner, B. Pease, and K. Pringle (Eds.). Routledge International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities. London / New York: Routledge.

Shelley, C. (2006). Phenomenology and the qualitative in individual psychology. In: J. Carlson and S. Slavik (Eds.). Readings in the Theory of Individual Psychology. (pp. 407-422). London / New York: Brunner-Routledge.

Brinich, P. & Shelley, C. (2002). The Self and Personality Structure. Buckingham (UK) / Philadelphia, PA: Open University Press. [Peer Reviewed]
*Chinese Translation of this book: (2008). Maidenhead, Berkshire (UK):
McGraw-Hill and Beijing, China: Peking University Medical Press.

Shelley, C. (Ed.) (1998a). Contemporary Perspectives on Psychotherapy and Homosexualities. [“Introduction”; Chapter 5 “A feeling of community?” and “Conclusion”]. London / New York: Free Association Books (cross-listed with New York University Press). 231 pages.
Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Shelley, C.A. (2013). The life tasks revisited. Adlerian Yearbook 2013. (pp. 70-90). London: Adlerian Society (UK) and Institute for Individual Psychology.

Shelley, C.A. (2009a). Trans People and Social Justice. The Journal of Individual Psychology, 65(4), 386-396.

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King, R. A. & Shelley, C. A. (2008c). Community feeling and social interest: Adlerian parallels, synergy, and differences with the field of community psychology. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 18, 96–107.

Shelley, C. (2005). A tribute to Professor Heinz Ansbacher on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Adlerian Yearbook 2005. (pp. 7-10). London: Adlerian Society (UK) and Institute for Individual Psychology.

Shelley, C. (2004). Holism, personality theory, and the self: The contribution of the holistic perspective of Jan Christiaan Smuts (1870-1950) to Anglo-American psychology. From Past to Future: Clark Papers on the History of Psychology, 5(1), 40-54. [Clark University Press, Worcester, MA.]

Shelley, C. (2003). Depth psychology and education. Adlerian Yearbook 2003. (pp. 33-49). London: Adlerian Society (UK) and Institute for Individual Psychology.

Shelley, C. (2000a). Epistemology and methods in individual psychology: Towards a fusion of horizons with hermeneutics. The Journal of Individual Psychology: Year 2000 Special Issue. 56 (1), 59 – 73. [University of Texas Press].

Shelley, C. (2000b). Self of selves: An Adlerian look at a divisive concept. Adlerian Yearbook 2000, (pp. 35-50). London: Adlerian Society (UK) and Institute for Individual Psychology.

Shelley, C. (1997a). Will that be counselling or psychotherapy? In: P. Prina, C. Shelley and C. Thompson (Eds.). Adlerian Yearbook. 1997. (pp. 22-28). London: Adlerian Society (UK) and Institute for Individual Psychology.

Shelley, C. (1997b). The psychology of men’s power. Achilles’ Heel. 19-22.

Shelley, C. (1996). Re-examining Adler’s third life task. Canadian Journal of Adlerian Psychology. 26 (2) 50-60.

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