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Christine A. Chaffey, MC

Associate Faculty

As a faculty member of CityU (Edmonton), since 2016, I have taught Psychology of Grief and Loss and Family Systems Therapy.  I have over 30 years of professional and volunteer experience in both the public and private sectors of the social and human service industries and currently work fulltime as a Clinical Supervisor and Psychotherapist with a non-profit agency in Edmonton.

My major interest is in grief and loss, complex trauma and the cultivation of self-compassion in the therapeutic context to mitigate compassion fatigue and the alleviation of mental/emotional health issues to enhance well being.  I adhere to a culturally-sensitive integrative therapeutic practice approach, based upon an empathic, compassionate and accepting stance.  I am adept at working with diverse populations, various developmental ages and stages, and with a vast array of presenting concerns. I am interested in allowing clients and students to be the guiding force behind their learning and change process.  I am passionate about life-long learning and regularly take professional development courses to enhance my professional and personal life. My educational and life experience has allowed me to be mindful of diversity, new perspectives and opportunities.


I am currently contemplating pursuing a PHD with an interest in how Complex Trauma and  associated Losses at different developmental stages affect both Grief Responses and Attachment.


My teaching philosophy includes my belief that individuals are unique and on their own journeys in their graduate level path. As an instructor I strive to provide a stimulating and thought-provoking holistic educational experience where students, through self-reflection, can tap into their cognitive, affective and behavioral selves. I validate psychologist, L.S.Vygotsky’s, assertion that  learning  is socially constructed.  I yearn to offer a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks by  providing  opportunities to collaborate with each other, and myself, to learn and gain expertise. I hope to validate students’ pre-existing knowledge and abilities and to engage them to critically look at issues and the larger world. I pursue to try to understand each student’s point of view however erroneous before attempting to give them my own. This means that when I do teach I can choose a conceptual path that leads from the student’s current understanding to a broader or more conventional one.

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