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Christine Skwarok, MC, RCC

   Doctor of Clinical Psychology Candidate

Adjunct Professor

I have been an adjunct professor at CityU and have taught both Counselling Theories as well as Testing and Assessment courses. Using an integrative approach to teaching as I do as an RCC, I incorporate a traditional learning-style of course content with practical and applicable experience. 


Masters Thesis (2015): Contemporary North American Families, the Decline of Marriage, and Repercussions on Society: a Marriage and Family Counsellor’s Tool for Psycho-Education and Intervention Strategies 

Doctoral Dissertation (2023): Humour, relationship satisfaction and ethnicity: A systematic review and meta-analysis.


My teaching philosophy is that information in the counselling and psychology world is ever-changing, and we must stay humble in what we know and be open to understanding what we don’t. As well, I believe professionals in the field must obtain a solid, evidence-based, understanding of their work while acknowledging the limitations involved in research study and design. 

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