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David Hatfield, MA, MEd

Instructor in MEd in School Counselling 

I teach the course EGC 536 – Group Counselling Theory and Practice.  I have taught with CityU since 2018.  I employ theory and practice in the design and facilitation of therapeutic groups using Process Oriented Psychology.  Students learn how to balance session design and structure with following unfolding dynamics, signals and relationships in a group.


I am deeply interested in group conflict, diversity issues, polarities and constructive engagement with conflict and interpersonal tensions, both on individual and collective levels.  I believe such tensions are the gateway to insight, growth, learning, healing and transformative potentials.  I have a strong interest in the socialization of masculinity as well, and work with men, both individually and in groups.


I am very process-oriented in my approach to teaching.  Emerging dynamics, emotions, points of view and relationship dynamics are fascinating and important to me.  I enjoy working in small groups where I can have repeating meaningful interactions with students on a individual basis.  I appreciate the attributes, worldviews, lived experience, hopes, dreams, fears and challenges that each of us brings in to learning spaces.  I am grateful to work with counselors in training, knowing how badly our world is in need of the skills of the counselor.


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