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Deanna C. C. Peluso, PhD

Dr. Peluso’s passion for educational research is paired with her practical experience as an educator in higher education, composer, and musician. As an educator, Deanna is enthusiastic to provide a forum for learners to not only flourish from their own strengths, but to foster diversity in its many forms, from her research into the personal, social, and systemic ways that socially-infused technology has enabled an interconnected society, in which the exploration of diversity is able to thrive. She feels that education should inspire learners to acquire knowledge and skills, through a multitude of forms and venues. Education is not something that has a terminal end-goal; it runs on a continuum of life long learning, and is positioned around having access and opportunity to transform oneself, and gaining new perspectives in areas such as personal philosophy (both moral and ethical), understanding the diversity of culture and history, and the varied nature of beliefs, practices, and actions across differing and similar cultures, geographical boundaries, and more specifically to the 21st Century, digital cultures and boundaries. Her background in psychology, technology, and education has allowed her to develop mentoring practices, classes, workshops, and ways of working with students, that are able to cater to different personalities, cultures, personal practices, and learning styles, while also developing interactive lectures and multimodal styles of classes that use the student’s diverse knowledge and experiences to their educational advantage. Deanna’s integration of technology within teaching practices aims to help students and educators expand on their personal learning networks and professional practice, and to unpack the use of technology within educational contexts in meaningful and useful ways that strengthen teaching and learning opportunities.

Deanna’s research brings together her background and interests in educational technologies, music education, media literacy, positive psychology, multimodal literacy, and the evolution of mobile and social media within the 21st century. Her research interests currently focus on the ever changing digital landscape and flourishing of innovative learners, and more specifically, how learners digitally and socially connect, foster self-directed learning associated with informal practices, and harness the potential and affordances of multimodal meaning making using technologies within a culture of global fast paced and ubiquitous sharing of knowledge. Some of her recent publications include chapters in the Oxford Handbook of Social Media and Music Learning, in Creativities in Higher Music Education: International Perspectives and Practices, in the Canadian Music Educators’ Association (CMEA) Research to Practice Series, Music and Media Infused Lives: Music Education in a Digital Age, and in the British Journal of Educational Technology. Her work has been presented at numerous international conferences, ranging in scope from Music Education, Psychology, to Media Literacy.

  • Technology Tools & Information Literacy (ECC 510)
  • Project & Presentation (EGC 640)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Arts Education), Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • Master of Education (Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies), University of Victoria, 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Music Major), Simon Fraser University, 2006


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  • Peluso, D. C. C. (2014). Musical learning within a multimodal and participatory digital age: Issues for educational practice. In S. O’Neill (series ed.) Music and Media Infused Lives: Music Education in a Digital Age, Vol. 6. CMEA Biennial Book Series: Research to Practice. Waterloo, Ontario: Canadian Music Educators’ Association.
  • O’Neill, S. A. & Peluso. D. C. C. (2013). Exploring music, digital media and multimodal literacies through dialogue in higher music education. In P. Burnard (ed.) Creativities in Higher Music Education: International Perspectives and Practices (pp. 142-162). London, Routledge.


  • Peluso, D. C. C. (2012). The fast-paced iPad revolution: Can educators stay up to date and relevant about these ubiquitous devices? British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(4), 125-127. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8535.2012.01310.x
  • Peluso, D. (2012). Informal and participatory cultures in music education: Pitfalls and possibilities. SFU Educational Review, 5, Fall 2012.
  • O’Neill, S., Peluso, D., & DeLong, I. (2011). Building a participatory culture for online dialogue. Canadian Music Educator, 52(4), 27-30.
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