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Deanna C. C. Peluso, PhD

Faculty and Graduate Supervisor

Deanna C. C. Peluso (PhD) is an Educator, Faculty Member, and Graduate Supervisor at MEd in School Counselling at City University in Canada. For over two decades, Deanna’s experience as an educator and researcher, with a background in psychology and education, has focused on exploring the diverse methodologies that learners can build upon to further their knowledge and cater to different ways of meaning making, cultures, personal practices, and learning styles, while also developing multimodal styles of learning that leverage students’ knowledge and lived experiences. Deanna’s research and teaching emphasizes that education is not something that has a terminal end-goal; it runs on a continuum of life-long learning, in which it is positioned around having access and opportunity to transform one’s worldview, gaining new perspectives in areas such as personal philosophy (both moral and ethical), understanding the diversity and role of culture and history, and the varied nature of beliefs, practices, and actions across differing and similar cultures and lenses, more specifically to current day digital cultures and affordances.

Deanna’s multifaceted approach to her role at City University reflects her dedication to holistic education in school counselling and leadership, that interconnects the strengths of engaging in scholarly research while facilitating a space for reflective practice, that goes beyond the traditional ways of engaging in the curriculum, to enable students to embark on their research and practice from diverse lenses and approaches. At City University, Deanna focuses on teaching school counsellors in the areas of research methods and skills, supervising and mentoring school counsellors in their graduate capstone projects, as well as contributing to and strengthening the development of the curriculum in the graduate program. Deanna’s aim is to inspire and help the next generation of school counsellors flourish, guiding them to make meaningful contributions in their respective fields.

  • ECC 501 – Introduction to Research Skills
  • ECC 512 – Research Methods for School Counsellors
  • ECC 640 – Capstone Project
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Arts Education), Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • Master of Education (Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies), University of Victoria, 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Music Major), Simon Fraser University, 2006


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