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Debbie Motilewa, PhD

Debbie Motilewa (PhD) has taught and practiced the principles of management, organizational behaviour and sustainable business for the past nine years across three different continents – North America, Africa and Europe. At 25, she was the youngest PhD graduate from Covenant University, Africa’s most prestigious University. 

Debbie is very keen on harnessing the opportunities created when there is a solid partnership between the classroom and the industry.  In the start-up world, she is the chief executive officer of two social enterprises: The VolunteerNG and Afro Hub Community. They both focus on creating sustainable communities (In line with SDG goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11). The VolunteerNG has partnered with over 70 volunteers, mentored over 800 young adults, and is sponsoring 30 kids through elementary and high school.  

In the research world, Debbie writes peer-reviewed articles and makes contributions on corporate social responsibility, business sustainability and human capital development. She has over 30 published articles and has contributed to three academic books. She is the author of “SMART Goals: Making habits work for you“, and is currently working on her second book on sustainable business management.

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