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Deborah Levy

Dr. Deborah Levy is a British and Canadian Professor of Linguistics. She obtained her Ph.D. from The University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona, an MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Education, from the University of Northern Arizona, and a BA in Applied Linguistics, from the University of Victoria, Canada.
Given that Dr. Levy loves travelling and learning languages, and she also loves teaching others to read and write in her language, it was a perfect fit for her to combine the two and become a travelling teacher of ‘English as a Second Language.’ After doing this for many years, teaching in Australia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Spain, Israel, the USA, Mexico, England and Canada, Dr. Levy returned to Canada but continued to teach short-term English learning programs in Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Morocco.

Dr. Levy’s hobbies (in addition to language learning and travelling) include foreign films, intercultural events, international cooking, hiking, writing and filmmaking. She has even written, produced and directed a movie about an intercultural relationship.

Dr. Levy loves teaching BAM students the joy of writing for English-speaking readers. The skills involved will serve all students well throughout their academic career and beyond.

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