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Aimee Galick, MS, PhD

Associate Faculty

As an Associate Faculty, I teach courses on counselling theory, psychopathology, and mentor students through their Capstone research projects.  I have been teaching at City University since 2016 in both the Saturday and mixed mode (intensive) classes.  I help evaluate comprehensive exams and serve as a second reader for other student’s Capstone projects.  My background is in Marital and Family Therapy, with most of my clinical work focusing on couple’s therapy and medical family therapy.


I approach my research from a critical feminist lens and focus on couple’s therapy and women’s health. As a clinician I am drawn to research methods that help us better understand the process of therapy. Not only does therapy work? But how does it work?  What micro and macro processes are common among successful therapy? I am also interested in understanding the barriers women face in addressing health concerns like heart disease and how constructions of gender influence interactions with health care providers and loved ones around their illness.  I am on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy and serve as a reviewer for four other scholarly journals.


Each class is a different experience. My teaching style favors process and interaction over passing down of expert knowledge or following a schedule. I see the classroom as a lab where ideas and theories are tested, attempted, and discussed critically. I like getting people moving around, discussing, interacting, and doing role plays. I find this engaging style is conducive to deep learning. Each student brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to class and I leave each class learning from my students. I try to model what I expect including being accountable, responsible, caring, and professional. I also aim to be authentic by sharing my personal and clinical experiences and having some laughs here and there.

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