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Dr. Karin Coles

Dr. Karin Coles is a licensed and registered psychologist with a specialization in educational psychology.  Karin is currently Associate Director for City University of Seattle, within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the Counselling Psychology program.  Karin also works in private practice, with a primary focus on assessment. A former teacher and school principal with 20 years experience in Calgary school systems, Karin brings to her work with clients expertise in working with diverse learners in the areas of assessment, advocacy, program development, mentorship, curriculum development, teaching, and learning.

A lifelong learner, Karin has an extensive educational background achieving multiple degrees since 1989. Karin has a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialized diploma in Early Childhood Education. She obtained her Master of Arts degree with a specialization in curriculum and assessment in 1999.  Her M.A. thesis was an exploration of the role of relationships in the reading development of young children. During this time Karin also completed certification as a trained Early Reading Intervention teacher. In 2012, she completed a Master of Science degree with a specialization in educational psychology. In 2014, Karin completed her Ph.D. in psychology. 

Research Interests

Her doctoral research focused on the development of academic self-efficacy beliefs for individuals with identified learning disabilities. Karin’s research interests are in the areas of phenomenology, hermeneutics, self-efficacy beliefs, literacy development, and resiliency.

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