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Dr. Michael Tonderai Kariwo, MA, PhD

I joined City University in March 2014 as Associate Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences based in Edmonton. I teach Masters’ students research methodology courses. I am also a Research Associate in the Faculty of Nursing where I undertake research on mental health and vulnerable populations. I have over 20 years of experience in higher education as teacher, researcher and administrator.


My areas of research include mental health and migration as well as public policy analysis.

  • Miriam Stewart, Denise L. Spitzer, Kaysi E. Kushner, Edward Shizha, Nicole Letourneau, Edward Makwarimba, Cindy-Lee,Dennis, Michael Kariwo, Knox Makumbe, Jocelyn Edey (2018) Supporting refugee parents of young children: “knowing you’re not alone” International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care.
  • Stewart, M., Dennis, C.L., Kariwo., Kushner, K.E., Letourneau., N., Makumbe, K. Makwarimba, E & Shizha, E. (2014). Challenges faced by refugee new parents from Africa in Canada. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Springer vol. 16 (3) June 2014.
  • Kariwo, M. T.  (2007). Widening Access in Higher Education in Zimbabwe. Higher Education Policy, 20 (1) 45-59
  • Kariwo, M. T, & Makumbe, K. (2013) Supporting the Mental Health of African Refugee Children and New Parents: Experiences of Zimbabwean And Sudanese Refugees. ACCFCR research report, Social Support Research Program, University of Alberta. May 22, 2013
  • Kariwo, M, Asadi, N, EL Bouali, C. (2019). Interrogating Models of Diversity in a Multicultural Environment, New York, Palgrave MacMillan
  • Kariwo Michael, Tatiana Gounko and Joseph Musembi, (eds.) (2014). A Comparative analysis of Higher Education Systems: the issues, challenges and dilemmas. Rotterdam, Sense Publishers. Netherlands. ISBN 978-94-6209-532-8
  • Shizha, E.  & Kariwo, M. T. (2012). Education and Development in Zimbabwe: A Social, Political and Economic Analysis, Rotterdam, Sense, Netherlands

As a university instructor, I believe that my responsibility is to create a positive learning environment for all my students who normally have such diverse backgrounds. I believe strongly in self-actualization and self-realization that comes with effective teaching and learning. As a result, I use predominantly student-centered teaching and learning strategies. I find great rewards in letting students discover new knowledge through participation, discussion and frequent interaction.

  • CPC 514 Research Methods and Statistics (Both the Mixed mode and regular face to face)
  • CPC 520 Qualitative Research Methods in Counselling Psychology, Mixed-Mode
  • CPC 695 Counselling Psychology: Research Project (leading to Capstone)
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