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Dr. Renee J. Schmidt

Academic Program Director0 Master of Counselling Virtual Campus

As Program Director, I feel it is a gift to support staff, faculty, and students. I focus on ensuring that our Virtual Campus Master of Counselling program is inclusive, charged with critical thinking, and relevant in social, cultural, and varied-identity spaces. My educational and working experiences have persistently shaped my values that all people should be heard, seen, and supported in their journey of learning, caring, and living. My doctoral degree from the University of Regina, focused on educational psychology, and my other educational and work experience has provided appreciation for the many nuances of individuals and systems. I am fortunate to guide the MC program, teach, write, present, consult, and offer client-based practice.


Research interests include ethical practice, suicide prevention, diversity-focus, program-development, virtual training, workplace wellness, and health and well-being of mental health practitioners. With a focus on social justice and diversity inclusion as key in advancing our presence as facilitators and supporters in wellness practice spaces, I am keen to support faculty and students in navigating the challenges that prevent all people from being seen and served.


I am excited to continue to support students in their learning journey. Learning is an evolution of personal and professional ways of seeing and walking in the world. I have been blessed to provide training and consultation across various academic, professional and community settings throughout North America and internationally. Providing assessment, consultation, and therapeutic services to varied ages and diverse cultural groups continues to be a passion. Previous psychological work and delivery environments have spanned a variety of forensic, in- and outpatient clinical, and community settings, including rehabilitative and psychiatric hospitals; residential care for at-risk youth; custody care for youth; court assessment; in-home family therapeutic work; forensic psychology; workplace wellness; and community mental health assessment and treatment services. 

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