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Elsie Lobo, MSc, PhD

Associate Faculty

As an Associate Faculty member, I currently teach courses in the Master in Counselling program at the Edmonton campus. I have been teaching courses with City University of Seattle since April 2019. I earned my PhD in Systems, Families and Couples, with a specialization in Couple and Family Therapy. I am a Registered Psychologist in Alberta and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist/Supervisor with the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. I also currently serve as the Chair of the Early-Career Member Committee with the American Family Therapy Academy.


My research interests are focused on the role and integration of systemic issues in therapy. I seek to further our understanding of how issues of larger social context (eg. colonization, poverty, gender discourses, intergenerational trauma) impact people, and in particular their mental health, resilience and possibilities for healing. Much of my work has been centered around studying resilience in families who have experienced homelessness, and contributing to research-informed public policy in this area. Other research interests include developing clinical approaches to help clients to counter societal inequities, improving therapist training, and community-based, mixed-methods research approaches.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Hoff, C., Lobo, E., Knudson-Martin, C. & Distelberg, B. (2018). Developmental epistemology in marriage & family therapy education: A narrative analysis of students’ experiences. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 37(2), 17-28.
  • Williams-Reade, J. M., Lobo, E., Whittemore, A. A., Parra, L., & Baerg, J. (2018). Enhancing residents’ compassionate communication to family members: A family systems breaking bad news simulation. Families, Systems, & Health, 36(4), 523-527.
  • Williams-Reade, J. M., Lobo, E. & Gutierrez, G. (2018). Integrating spirituality into MFT training: A reflexive curriculum and qualitative evaluation. Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, 45(2), 219-232.
  • Wells, M., Lobo, E., Galick, A., Knudson-Martin, C., Huenergardt, D., & Schaepper, H. (2017). Fostering trust through relational safety: Applying socio-emotional relationship therapy’s focus on gender and power with heterosexual adult-survivor couples. Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, 16(2), 122-145.

Book Chapters

  • Distelberg, B., Lobo, E., & Lloyd, G. (2020). Specialization areas in MFT. In K. S. Wampler, R. B. Miller, L. McWey and A. Blow (Eds.) Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons.
  • Knudson-Martin, C., ChenFeng, J., Galick, A., Lobo, E., Samman, S. K., & Williams, K. (2018). Transforming gender discourse in couple therapy: Researching intersections of societal discourse, emotion, and interaction.  In T. Strong and O. Sutherland (Eds.) Discursive therapies/Discursive research (pp. 141-162). London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Wells, M., Lobo, E., Galick, A., Knudson-Martin, C., Huenergardt, D., & Schaepper, H. (2016). Building relational safety and trust in couple therapy with adult survivors of childhood abuse. In M. Martinez (Ed.), Child abuse and neglect: Perceptions, psychological consequences and coping (pp. 19-64). New York, NY: Nova Science.


As an instructor, I value the diverse and valuable experiences that students bring to the classroom. I strive to make learning interactive and experiential by engaging students in exploring their own experiences, families and selves, and in learning from each other. I also seek to incorporate systemic issues and issues of social justice into all topic areas to ensure we remain intentional about attending to these issues in clinical work and build competency in these areas.

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