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Esha Chakraborti, MCP, Psy.D.

Associate Faculty

As an associate faculty member at City University of Seattle, I am delighted to teach courses in the Masters of Counselling Program. My clinical focus has been on working with youth, young professionals and families. I have experience working with clients of diverse backgrounds in community and private settings. As a faculty member, my aim is to inspire students to grow personally and professionally by combining theory and practice through engaging discussions, hands-on learning and cultivating a collaborative spirit. I want students to become community-minded clinicians, focusing on evidence-based, trauma-informed and culturally attuned practices. I look forward to connecting with students, facilitating learning and gaining knowledge from the valuable experiences they bring into the classroom. 


Chakraborti, E. (2022). Caring for individuals with mental illness: Qualitative study on financial costs and coping strategies of family caregivers [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. Adler University.

Chakraborti, E., Li, V., & Sepehry, A. (2021). Do side effects of antidepressants create problems in romantic relationships? Psynapse – The Newsletter of the CPA’s Psychopharmacology Section. (Volume 2, Issue 3), 9.

Chakraborti, E. (2019). Working when you’re emotionally drained: Reflections on the importance of self-care. Insights – BC Association of Clinical Counselors’ Magazine. (Winter, 2019), 38.

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