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Faye Findlay

Faye is an Indigenous educator originally from the Treaty 8 Territory in Edmonton, Alberta, and is a direct descendent of the enfranchised Michel Band. She has more than fifteen years of experience teaching post-secondary students in both Canadian and South Korean universities and colleges. Faye gained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and specializes in teaching Academic Reading & Writing. 

She has been privileged to have spent more than thirty years traveling the globe pursuing her passions for exploring new countries and learning about the cultures, visiting art galleries and museums, and indulging in world cuisines. For six years, she spent three months a year in Thailand training in the traditional martial art of Muay Thai. In 2014, she returned to Koh Samui for six months to train one on one with a personal trainer trying to perfect her Sok Klap, the spinning elbow strike. Unfortunately, she no longer trains but still enjoys watching a good match. Currently, Faye is applying for a Master of Education in Indigenous Education at UBC where she plans to research Indigenizing the curriculum and decolonizing education.

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