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Hala Fendi

An AIA registered architect, with B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Architecture Engineering Technology, with Instructor Diploma, LEED, and PMI Certificate in Vancouver, BC, in the process of being PMP Certified. I am an urban designer, and project manager with Masters of Engineering Leadership in Urban Systems from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, with extensive experience in architecture and design, planning, strategies, tools, and techniques, and more than twelve years as a project manager, and more than eleven years as an educator. 

As an educator, my teaching philosophy is to create an environment where students are empowered to think critically, creatively, and productively, to pursue means to achieve their learning goals, to accept and embrace constructive feedback about their work and develop as self-evaluator. My responsibility as an instructor is to help students acquire specific knowledge while they develop the attitudes and skills that are essential to professional practice. 

I am passionate about project management, pursuing the concept of sustainable planning projects through asset management, which can provide present requirements while preserving the environment and future resources.

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