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Harsharan Sehdev

Associate Faculty

I have been teaching the CPC 501, Introduction to Counseling, course with City University of Seattle since September 2018.

I see my teaching role as a responsibility and manner in which I can further contribute to the profession and therapeutic community.


I conducted qualitative research for my graduate degree. In this study, I utilized a grounded theory approach to explore the experiences of Alberta social workers with vicarious traumatization.
Currently, I am a doctorate student specializing in addiction psychology. I have interest in researching the experience of relapse from the perspective of individuals in sustained recovery.


I believe that adult learning is a collaborative and interactive process, as we are training future therapists (often with their own professional experiences) who will eventually enter into their own clinical practices. To that end, I endeavor to provide transformational learning experiences. Teaching CPC 501 requires a hands-on, experiential approach that allows students to incorporate the insights and inspiration they have gained so that learning occurs in a much deeper manner.

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