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Heather Doidge-Sidhu, MA, RCC, CCC

Associate Director Master of CounsellingInternship Coordinator (Victoria, BC)

As the Internship Coordinator for the Master of Counselling Program in Victoria, BC. I am responsible for overseeing Internships for Victoria Students.  

Adjunct Faculty

I have been teaching at CityU since Spring of 2022. When I am not teaching, I have a small private practice, where approximately 60% of my clients see me for perinatal mental health, and the remaining 40% see me for a variety of mental health issues.

At CityU, I teach a variety of courses and particularly enjoy helping students with fine-tuning their skills in order to meet their future clients where they are at.


I am interested in all things perinatal mental health, as well as trauma treatment and the stigma that exists around seeking counselling.


I prioritize meeting students’ individual needs and cultivating a safe and nurturing environment where mistakes are seen as valuable learning opportunities.  Counselling is a lifelong learning profession, which I aim to model for my students, and I see my role as not only sharing knowledge and experience, but also in fostering personal and professional development.

I have the goal of being a flexible and approachable mentor, while also maintaining high expectations for hard work and commitment from my students, particularly because I firmly believe I am training future colleagues in a profession I care deeply about.

Embracing diversity and seeking innovating teaching opportunities for diverse learners are central to my teaching philosophy, as is my commitment to my own ongoing professional and personal growth.


CPC 510 Professional Ethics and Law

CPC 512 Family Systems Therapy

CPC 513 Brief Therapy Models

CPC 523 Psychology of Sex and Human Development

CPC 524 Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology

CPC 525 Testing and Assessment

CPC 526 Counselling Psychology Theory

CPC 604 Psychology of Aging

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