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Jack Cortez Chappell

Hi, everyone. I’m Jack Cortez Chappell and I am in my second quarter as an associate professor here at CityU. However, this isn’t my first time instructing at the college level. During my graduate education, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach film appreciation as part of my program. While I may teach the provincial curriculum during the weekdays, I spend my weeknights and weekends, when I’m not studying myself, writing, watching, or making movies. Even though I’m in my third year of professional academia, I still aspire to be a screenwriter/director and I have acted in a film that is currently streaming on Netflix! Anyway, I’m a relaxed and easy-going person who likes to have fun almost as much I like to learn. After I complete my second Master’s degree, I aim to enter a PhD-track so I can continue my study of film.

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