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Jacky Barreiro, MA, MBA, Phd

As a field instructor in the Master’s in Education in School Counselling, my responsibility is to accompany a cohort of students during their two years internship program. As such, I teach and provide support during their practicum and internship periods, and guidance through their evaluation process to assure progress and completion of internship requirements.


I am interested in posthumanist and new materialist theories in so far as they provide a new way of understanding the relational and performative materiality of learning in educational bio-socio-material ecologies. My doctoral inquiry focuses specifically on the educational implications of posthumanist theories as pedagogical tools of critique.

  • Barreiro, J. (2020). Rethinking causality through children’s literacies. In S. Smythe, D. Dagenais, K. Toohey (Eds.), Rethinking Language and Literacy Pedagogies with New Materialities. Routledge. doi: 10.4324/9780429491702-5
  • Barreiro, J., Vroegindeweij, M. & Forte, M. (2020). Posthumanism, education, and decolonization: A conversation with Michalinos Zembylas. Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research.
  • Barreiro, J. & Driussi, L. (2018). The materiality of the pedagogical encounter: Implications of an Actor-network theory educational analysis. SFU Educational Review, 11(1), 39-47.

Central to all of my educational engagements is a belief that social dynamics shape, in profound ways, how education takes place, and vice versa. Consequently, the implications of economic and political interests, culture, beliefs, thinking, and difference have to be accounted for in educational endeavors. Understanding education as a relational praxis also implies accounting for the ethical issues that arise within these assemblages and practices.


School counselling internship

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