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Jacqueline McAdam

Instructor, Master of Counselling, Vancouver Island

Jacqueline was first hired with City University in 2010, with several very long breaks, I joined the staff again in 2023, and have been a mentor in the CPC 512 Family Systems Courses, and CPC 680 Capstone instructor. Jacqueline has a background in child and youth mental health and a PhD in Human Development with a focus on Resilience. Jacqueline looks forward to expanding with City University and continuing to support the amazing student population this university attracts. 


Jacqueline’s research interests have been in the area of psychological and economic resilience for those in difficult circumstances in Africa. She has worked as a research consultant for several international organizations in Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. 

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Jacqueline’s teaching values and style embrace the principles of adult learning defined by Malcolm Knowles, in which the learner is a crucial part of the learning outcome. Her style recognizes the different learning needs of each student by providing a range of teaching tools that accommodate various learning styles. She believes each learner comes to the classroom with unique experiences and learning needs that evolve vis a via the course objectives and the student’s interests. As adult learners, it is vitally essential that students feel both personal and professional value throughout the learning process. Jacqueline also draws on the principles espoused by Parker Palmer that states the importance of clear academic boundaries, a non-judgmental approach, and compassion for the individual needs of the students.


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