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Jae Yuen-Jung, MC


As an instructor of the Masters of Counselling program in Edmonton, I provide students with knowledge and practical skills that will prepare them for their future careers as counselling therapists. I work with faculty to develop and teach course content based on the founding principles and contemporary practices of counselling psychology.  I have been a clinical practitioner for several years and bring real-life experience working with marginalised populations such as disability, homeless, and Indigenous communities.  As a course instructor with CityU, I offer guidance to help students experience success in graduate studies and I also encourage the growth and development of my students’ personal and professional lives.


The research for the capstone project of my master’s degree examined how mindfulness can be used as an integrative psychospiritual practice for counselling therapy.  The field of integrative health with a particular focus on the spiritual dimension of well-being continues to be a strong area of interest in both my academic and clinical roles.


Stemming from my childhood years of attending a community school, my teaching philosophy is grounded in the view that “Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner”.  In order to foster this type of open and collaborative learning environment, all my relationships with faculty and students are based on authenticity, honesty, compassion, and integrity.

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