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Janine Nelson, M.A.C.P.; Psy.D.

Associate Director

As part-time Associate Director of the Master of Counselling program in Edmonton (fulfilling the Internship Coordinator role) I look forward to collaborating with students as they embark on the culminating practicum and internship phases of their program. In addition, an emerging area of growth at CityU is within the online delivery aspect of the program, which entails my hosting and facilitation of weekly case conceptualization webinars, where students can participate during convenient hours without the need for residency or travel, in order to develop, expand, and hone this important skill, which also serves as preparation and practice for the comprehensive exam. And finally, I have the pleasure of participating in the practitioner-scholar model (my other part-time job is private practice) by teaching some of the core competency courses, starting with the Child and Adolescent Counselling course during the spring 2020 quarter.


My doctoral research was in the area of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and this continues to be an area I am strongly drawn to, both in professional and personal growth contexts. PNI is the science of the mind-body connection and is currently one of the most rapidly expanding areas of application and research within health, neuroscience, and wellness fields. It is a fascinating, invigorating, and imperative perspective with which to inform and guide psychotherapy work. Further, because my private practice is rurally located, I am interested in (and focused my dissertation research on) the lived experience of PNI and the associated mental and physical health of rural Canadians (specifically, rural Alberta).

My emerging post-doctoral research interests include the lived experience of spouses/family/loved ones who are living with and loving someone diagnosed with PTSD, as well as research and work with adult survivors of teenage sexual assault.

  • Nelson, J. (2005). What is lost can be found: A retrospective study of childhood parental death and adult resiliency. (Unpublished master’s thesis). City University of Seattle in Canada, Edmonton, AB.
  • Nelson, J. (2019). Where is the health? Knowledge and practice of psychoneuroimmunology in a rural Canadian demographic. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). California Southern University, Costa Mesa, CA.

I believe that when you learn, you should teach…and then when you teach, you learn. Having successfully completed my doctoral dissertation defense in July 2019 and spent the past 5 years as a student myself, I have acquired much learning that I’m eager and ready to share with MC students at CityU. This is my first formal teaching/faculty position, however, I am quite familiar with the CityU mandate and teaching philosophy, as I am City University Alumni (M.A.C.P., Class of 2005 – Cohort 3). The practitioner-scholar model that directly links students to those who are practicing in the field is the best part of this program (and the best way to acquire the “real-life” skills it takes for being a successful therapist), and I am pleased to now be an integral member of the academic organization that helped me establish my footing as a counsellor and career as a psychologist. Even more, I am eager to continue this journey of lifelong learning that my work here as Director/Faculty among CityU’s students brings!


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