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Dr. Jason Walker, PsyD, PhD

Clinical Adjunct 

Since 2020, Dr. Walker has served as an adjunct clinical professor with the Canadian Master of Counselling Program at CityU, collaborating across all campuses. His specialization in addiction is complemented by his instruction in courses such as psychopathology, psychopharmacology, psychological assessment, and sexuality. Additionally, Dr. Walker serves as doctoral support and a subject matter expert. He has played a significant role in guiding Capstone students, aiding in their research contributions to the realm of counselling psychology.


Dr. Walker’s research interests encompass the dynamics of workplace environments, specifically focusing on workplace violence, bullying, harassment, and sexual violence. He also delves into the critical area of police misconduct, seeking to understand and address systemic issues of injustice.  Dr. Walker sits as an editorial board review member for the Journals of Consulting Psychology, Organizational Behaviour and Frotiers in Public Health.


Grounded in a Rogerian perspective, I endeavour to foster an academic atmosphere rich in trust, understanding, and mutual respect. My approach prioritizes student-centred learning, recognizing the profound impact of collaborative relationships and hands-on experiential methods. I aim to offer a holistic learning experience by intertwining theory, research, and practice. This fusion imparts knowledge and ensures that learners emerge comprehensively equipped, feeling both recognized and deeply valued in their educational journey.


Doctoral Thesis

Walker, J. (2018). A theoretical study on workplace bullying and sexual harassment amongst 

first responders. PsyD Manuscript. California Southern University. California, USA. 

ProQuest: 10936495.

Walker, J. (2017). A quantitative study of the prevalence and impact of workplace bullying 

amongst first responders. PhD Manuscript. Northcentral University. California, USA.

ProQuest: 10616995.


Walker, J., Circo, D., & Alzner, D. (2023). The Implications of Workplace Bullying and Harassment 

Amongst Migrant Workers. [In Press].

Walker, J., Circo, D, Alzner, D. (2023). Chapter 10 Administrative Psychopathy: Profiling the 

workplace bully. In Handbook of Research on Dissecting and Dismantling Occupational Stress in Modern Organizations. A. Haque Editor. ISBN: 9781668465431. Book, IGI, Global. 

Walker, J., Circo, D., Alzner, D., Bearrs, E., & Stephenson, L. (2022). Chapter 25 Abusive 

Managers/Supervisors’ Impact on the Psychological Capital of Employees: The Implications of Workplace Bullying and Incivility Within the Context of Violence at Work. In Handbook of Research on the Complexities and strategies of occupational stress in the Dynamic Business World. A. Haque Editor. ISBN: 9781668439371. Book, IGI Global. 

Tiwari, S., Bahuguna, P., & Walker, J.  (2022). Chapter 4. Industry 5.0: A 

Macroperspective Approach. In Garg, V., & Goel, R. (Eds.), Handbook of research on innovative management using AI in Industry 5.0. IGI Publishing. ISBN13 :9781799884972. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8497-2.

Walker, J. (2018). Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment: Impact on First 

Responders. Scholar’s Press. ISBN 13-978-613- 8-50314-9.

Journal Publications

Walker, J., Stones, A., & Stephenson, L. (2021). Real trouble: The mental health impact of 

workplace bullying and sexual harassment amongst first responders. Intl. Journal of Case Studies in Clinical Research, (5), 3, 27-44.

Walker, J., Phillips, M., Stones, A., & Harris, S. (2020, May 20). A Global Mass Traumatic 

Event: Considerations for Critical Incident Stress Debriefing During the COVID-19 






cmrY4sy0o. Retrieved May 20, 2020. DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.19761.81760

Walker, J., & Stones, A. (2020) Impact of workplace bullying amongst first responders – a 

systematic review. International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, (8),


Walker, J., Wilson, J., Chartrand, B. (2019). The Application of CISM within Indigenous 

Communities in Canada; Model Considerations in the Indigenous Context. International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Journal, 30(1), 10-11.

Walker, J., Harris, S., Thomas, J., Phillips, M., & Stones, A. (2019). A National Legacy 

Framework for Comprehensive a Sustainable Access to Mental Health Services for Indigenous Children and Youth Mental Health in Canada. Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 38(2), 145-164.

MacMillan, H.L., Jamieson, E., Wathen, C.N., Boyle, M.H., Walsh, C.A., Omura, J., Walker, 

J.M., Lodenquai, G. (2007). Development of a policy-relevant child maltreatment research strategy. Millbank Quarterly, 85(2), 337-74.

Manuscripts in Progress

Walker, J., Shienko, L., Circo, D. (2023). A scoping review of the literature examining the 

phenomenon of grade bullying in higher education. [Manuscript in Preparation].

Walker, J., & Circo, D. (2024). Workplace Violence: Reconceptualizing the epidemic of bullying 

at work. [Manuscript in preparation for Springer Nature division of behavioral sciences, New York.]

Walker, J., Circo, D., Kholi, A., Phillips, M., and Maradi, Z. (2024). A quantitative study 

examining the prevalence of the phenomenon of grade bullying in higher education. [Manuscript in Preparation].


Walker, J. (2023, August 10). Escaping justice: A flawed investigative body fails to curb RCMP 

sexual misconduct. The 

Walker, J. (2023, July 17). Mounties in crisis: the systemic failure to address sexual abuse within 

the RCMP. Expert [The Bill Kelly Show]. Global. 

Walker, J. (2023, July 13).   Mounties in crisis: the systemic failure to address sexual abuse 

within the RCMP. The Retrieved from 

Walker, J. (2023, June 19). Chronic sexual misconduct in Canada’s military is a national security 

threat. The Retrieved from,CAF%20have%20reported%20sexual%20assault.  

Walker, J. (2023, May 7). Behind the blue wall: the toxic culture that left a vancouver police 

officer dead. The Retrieved from 

Walker, J. (2023, January 31). The ‘blue wall’ of silence allows bullying, sexual abuse, and 

violence to infect police forces. The Retrieved from 

Walker, J. (2023, January 3). What’s taking Canada’s Armed Forces so long to tackle sexual 

misconduct? The 

Walker, J. (2022, September 27). Workplace bullying should be treated as a public health 

issue. The

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