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Jeremy Sanbrooks, M.Ed., Ed.D

Associate Faculty

My career started as a middle and high school teacher and then upon completing my master’s degree I transitioned into the role of an elementary school counsellor. In addition to my experience in schools, I also facilitated the Parenting After Separation program with Family Justice BC and the Responsible Driver program with STROH Health Care. Two years ago, I transitioned into a leadership role and I am now in my second year as a vice principal of an elementary school.

I recently completed a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Calgary. I look forward to pursuing some new academic adventures that include working on publications and conference presentations and my new partnership and faculty position with CityU.


I am interested in children’s use of social media and elementary principals’ perceptions of and leadership practices pertaining to this usage.


As an educator, I am passionate about positive climates and strong connections. We know that learning is highly social and that it can only occur in psychologically safe spaces. It is my goal to make all people feel safe, cared for, and excited about their learning.

  • EGC 533 – Child and Adolescent Growth and Development
  • ECC512 – Research Methods for School Counsellors


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