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Kash Khamisi

Kash Khamisi has had many hats on. However, the hat which he has always been wearing is being a teacher.

Kash Khamisi is a multi-disciplinary person. Kash has his B.Sc and M.Sc in Chemical Engineering. He has been working as a design engineer and a market developer in oil, gas and mining markets for 2 decades. Due to his passion in languages, he got his B.A in English and due to his interest in business development and business opportunities, he studied his MBA. Kash never stops learning. He attended a certificate program at HBS in 2020 and a Professional Sales training in 2021.

Besides teaching Marketing and Mathematics at CityU, Kash is the Senior Sales Engineer of a Canadian company in the field of mineral processing machinery. He is also the founder, and marketing manager of English Tutors Society which he started it in 2006.

Kash enjoys sharing his extensive experience in different markets with others and CityU MK-300 students are the best options to share real-life examples with.

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