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Kristina Berynets, MA, MEd

Associate Director of MEd in School Counselling (Vancouver)

As an Associate Program Director, I work with faculty and CityU staff on implementing effective delivery of the MEd in School Counselling program. I have been working for City University since 2017. Since 2018, I have also been facilitating the New Faculty Orientation for the Canadian faculty and helping them to navigate the City University resources and instructional environment. My background is in Education, and I have been teaching for over ten years, focusing on academic literacy and language, so I am also helping students in the MEd in School Counselling program to succeed in academic writing and scholarly work.


I am currently working on my PhD, and my research is aimed at understanding academic literacy, linguistic repertoires, and identities of multilingual speakers. I am particularly interested in the implications of the spread of multilingualism and multiculturalism for Higher Education, Curriculum Design, and academic/scholarly work. That is why diversity and issues of social justice play an important role in my research.


I see teachers as facilitators of learning. With the development of technology and accessibility of knowledge, teachers are no longer exclusive sources of information, and they contribute to the classroom much more than just content or facts relevant to the field. They bring experience, skills, and ways of being, and they can create and support a learning environment and a community of practice. In turn, every student brings knowledge, experience, and a complex professional, cultural, linguistic, as well as experiential background, and I hope that learners can rely on all these resources in order to learn in their different ways and that the learning environment supports that.

  • Doctorate of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University, In-Progress
  • Master of Education, Simon Fraser University, 2015
  • Master of Arts, Uzhhorod National University, 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts, Uzhhorod National University, 2010
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