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Laleh Skrenes, PhD

Associate Faculty

Dr. Laleh Skrenes is a University professor. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses in counselling psychology at University of British Columbia, Gonzaga University, City University of Seattle, and BIHE University since 2008. Courses include:

  • School-Based Interventions • Counselling Adolescents • Basic Interviewing Skills • Cultivating Supportive School and Classroom Environment • Human Development, Learning, and Diversity • Introduction to Theories of Counselling • Family Education and Consultation • Family Counselling • Child and Adolescent Counseling • Psychopathology • Psychopharmacology • Psychology of Sexuality • Psychology of Aging • Human Development • Practicum and Supervision (Dissertation)

Dr. Skrenes is a registered psychotherapist in Vancouver who has been providing professional counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching to children, youth, adults and seniors in a variety of settings including private practices, mental health centers, and hospitals over the last 20 years. Prior to moving to Vancouver, Dr. Skrenes served on site for a decade at the Slocan Community Health Centre, an isolated rural facility, along with its family practitioners and psychiatrists. Dr. Skrenes has many years of experience with assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, education, prevention, intervention, and treatment of individuals with major psychological disorders.


Registered EMDR • Transactional Analysis • Cognitive Behavior Therapy • Dialectical Behavior Therapy • Play Therapy • Child Centered Therapy • Solution Focused Therapy • Emotional Focused Therapy • Mindfulness approaches • Humanistic Therapy • Cross Cultural Therapy • Psycho-Educational Groups • Coaching • Hypnosis • EFT


Dr. Skrenes’ two decades of experience includes services and experience as a volunteer to a broad spectrum of clients/patients in non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally including psychological services in Africa, as a consultant for Vancouver Persian Radio for youth, in movement/dance therapy workshops for youth and elderly, in couple and family life seminars, to Disaster Psychosocial Program (DPS) and BC Ministry of Health, to First Nations communities in the North, as a certified EMDR facilitator, on the board of directors of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, and on the advisory board of director for graduate program in counselling psychology at Gonzaga university.

Dr. Skrenes is involved with major research projects at UBC Department of Family Practice. She has published several articles in professional magazines and newsletters. Currently she is teaching numerous graduate and undergraduate courses in addition to her private practice.

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