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Laurel Tien

Capstone Coordinator, Victoria

As Capstone Coordinator, Laurel works with students, faculty and CityU staff on supporting the progression to the Capstone project, a scholarly synthesis of an inquiry self-identified by the student at the end of the MA program. Laurel has been working for City University since 2021 as a faculty. She has supported many students over the past decade in academic writing and scholarship at the Master and Doctoral levels and she self-identifies as a research-nerd. 


Laurel came to the practice counselling with a passion for wellness and transformative, life-long learning. She works in the public setting as a clinical counsellor in a local primary care network, supporting a local arts organization as executive director, and teaching Clinical Counselling at the post-secondary level. Her Ph.D. in the Transformative Studies program at California Institute of Integral Studies focused on privileging emergence and relational learning as generative collective wisdom. Laurel’s beliefs about diversity and inclusion are couched in this participatory framework.


Laurel believes that faculty collaboration with learners co-creates learning spaces. In this, she listens and is witness to their experiences, through her my own eyes, with the lens of developmental unfolding. She believes in and values multiple ways of knowing, the balance of chaos and structure in the learning process, and of the centrality of learning in community. Laurel’s teaching strategies depend on a process of presenting in the learning environment; listening equally to student needs, learning goals, developmental stages of the group as a whole, and strategies/tools available/needed in the context. Laurel believes that a learning progression typically moves from simple to complex. She believes in the primacy of her own self-care and reflection process, to enhance and constantly grow as a practitioner/educator/scholar.

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