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Kathryn Atkinson, BA, MA, RCC-ACS


Part-Time Adjunct Faculty Instructor

I have been working in this position since late fall of 2021.  I have been teaching several classes in mixed mode format, virtual format, and directed studies.  I also provide support in grading comprehensive exams.  My background is in counselling psychology, and I have been working in this field since 2010.  I specialize in diverse abilities and have been providing support to this population since 2007.  I also teach at the undergraduate level.


My interests lie in the areas of cognitive behaviour therapy, autism, diverse abilities, invisible disabilities, obsessive compulsive disorder, and body focused repetitive behaviours.


Individuals learn through hearing, seeing, and doing.  To foster this learning environment, we need to focus on engagement.  I want my students to want to learn.  From my experience, students want to know that the content they are learning in school is meaningful and that they can and will use it.  Relevant content is key to engagement.  Evidence based practice is important, but it is key for them to see how this evidence fits into practice by also examining practice-based evidence.  

My passion is to foster critical thought amongst my students by facilitating rich dialogue in my classes.  I offer opportunity for discussion, self-reflection, peer-feedback.  I am curious about their perspectives 

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