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Lisa Gallagher Kratz

Associate Faculty/Instructor (Victoria, BC)

Grief and Loss, Couples/Intimate Relationship Counselling, Brief Therapy, Aging , Group Therapy, Counselling Supervision


I am a graduate of City University of Seattle, Victoria campus. In addition to teaching at CityU, I am a counsellor in private practice and am working on a PhD in Counselling Education and Supervision. My research interests are ambiguous loss, helping people change their relationships with substances, grief, and relationship counselling. 


My teaching philosophy embodies the sentiment, “How I do anything is how I do everything.” This adage applies to my teaching style as I prioritize honesty, humour, kindness, curiosity, warmth, openness, and vulnerability. I aim to infuse a real-world perspective into my students’ education, making learning relatable and practical. This approach fosters a strong connection with the subject matter, nurturing academic, personal, and professional growth.

Extensive research has shown that attaining successful client outcomes in counselling comes down to the relationship, therapeutic bond and understanding between the counsellor and their client. Similarly, when it comes to teaching, an instructor’s ability to build connections and trust is just as vital in creating a positive environment for learning and personal growth.



Master of Counselling

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Canadian Certified Counsellor

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