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Marie Muljiani

Adjunct Faculty of MC in School of Counselling (Vancouver)

As an Adjunct Faculty member at the CityU- Vancouver Campus, I work with faculty and CityU students in a variety of roles within the MC, School Counselling program. I have facilitated the various Aging 604 courses, composite exam adjudications and capstone readings. My background is in clinical and professional support. I have been a part of CityU since 2018. It is important to me to support CityU students to grow in this field and provide on-going support during and after their academic journeys, ensuring they gain necessary clarity on their career trajectories.


My research interests reflect areas of aging and impacts of neurological decline within the scope of mental health concerns. Prevention of cognitive decline is also an area of interest as I support classes within the Aging 604 course.


To support a new generation of counsellors is a privilege and vital aspect of supporting our overall communities. Each class reflects its own identity and I lean into each class to support their learning while maintaining the necessary standards and rigor of the MC program.

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