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Marta Edgar, Ph.D.

I was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada as a young adult. I studied at the University of Winnipeg (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology), the University of Manitoba (Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology), and the University of North Dakota (Doctorate in Counselling Psychology). My research interests changed direction several times, starting with interdisciplinary studies of bird behaviour, followed by reproductive decision-making (in humans). 

I am currently working full-time as a counsellor in a post-secondary setting. I have been teaching Practicum courses at CityU since 2015. Previously, at other institutions, I taught Career Decision-Making, Helping Skills, and Introduction to University Life, as well as lab sections of Research Methods in Counselling and Principles of Ethology.


I am not currently conducting research. My professional interests include health and environmental psychology, career planning, and counselling adults in a post-secondary setting. Outside of work, I am actively involved in social justice and environmental volunteering. 

Teaching Philosophy

I consider teaching at the post-graduate level to be a process of facilitating the many-dimensional development of a professional psychologist. It includes fostering self-awareness, the ability to make ethical decisions, the ability to apply therapeutic interventions and work with diverse clients, the ability to research and find information, and the motivation for self-directed lifelong learning. My goal in class is to create a safe atmosphere for asking difficult questions, sharing experiences, brainstorming, and helping one another grow. 


Counselling Practicum I & II

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