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McKenzie Snyder MA., PsyDc., R.Psych

McKenzie is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and practices in the areas of clinical, counselling, health, and rehabilitation psychology.  McKenzie has experience working nationally and internationally in residential, inpatient, outpatient, community, and private settings providing individual, couples, family, and group services to diverse populations and age ranges.

McKenzie currently works in his private practice where his clinical focus is on brain injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, trauma, domestic violence, substance use, behavioral addiction, and personality disorders.

As an associate faculty member McKenzie is able to integrate his clinical experience to the classroom and support learners with translating theoretical knowledge to clinical practice. 


McKenzie’s current research interests pertain to the interconnection between diet, lifestyle, and supplementation and their impact on mental health treatment. More specifically, McKenzie is examining whether these factors can be used as an intervention when treating symptoms of emotional dysregulation in adult populations. Other areas of interest also include how the PERMA model of positive psychology may impact longevity and health outcomes. 



McKenzie believes in a collaborative learning environment and enjoys opportunities for discussion and experiential learning. 


Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology 

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