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Michelle Beatch, M.A., RCC

Michelle is a Registered Clinical Counselor in private practice in North Vancouver, Canada. Over the past decade, she has been examining how to make Buddhist teachings more accessible in clinical and educational settings, and has developed an eight week mindfulness meditation program that is founded on the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. The program aims to highlight the ethical-relational nature of the traditional practice of mindfulness, and was developed to further support those wanting to undertake mindfulness-based practices in secular form. The materials for this program are the basis of her current PhD studies in Educational Psychology, and her thesis is entitled: Buddhist Understanding and Skillful Means: Adding Depth and Meaning to K-12 Teacher’s Practice of Secular Mindfulness.

  • Field Experience (ECC 601)
  • Practicum (ECC 602)
  • Internship I (EGC 605)
  • 2013-present: Mindfulness Mediation Educator, Upper Lynn Elementary School
  • 2012-present: Counsellor, Michelle Beatch Counselling Services
  • 2015-2017: Invited Guest Lecturer (Faculty of Education), Simon Fraser University
  • 2007-2012: Counsellor, CoreQuest Counselling Group
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Educational Psychology), Simon Fraser University
  • Master of Arts (Counselling Psychology), Simon Fraser University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Simon Fraser University
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada PhD Fellowship (2014-2017)
  • C.D. Nelson Memorial Graduate Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2012-2015)
  • Graduate Fellowship (PhD), Simon Fraser University (2012)
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Masters Fellowship (2006)


  • Beatch, M., & Le Mare, L. (2007). Taking ownership: The implementation of a non-Aboriginal early education program for on-reserve children. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 36, 77-87.


  • Bai, H., Beatch, M., Chang, D. & Cohen, A. (in press). Recaliberating mindfulness. In M.Powietrzynska & K. Tobin (Eds.), Weaving complementary knowledge systems and mindfulness to educate a literate citizenry for sustainable and healthy lives. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


  • Le Mare, L., Beatch, M. & Neufeld, P. (under review). British Columbia Teachers’ Perspectives
  • on Full-Day Kindergarten: “Everything’s about Time.”

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