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Coatlicue S. Rose


Associate Program Director and Coordinator, Master of Counselling Capstone

I am the Associate Program Director and Coordinator of the Master of Counselling Capstone and a professor at City University in Canada. I hold a master’s in counselling from Syracuse University, a master’s certificate in public policy analysis from Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Regina, and a Ph.D. in philosophy, interpretation, and culture from State University of New York—Binghamton University. I’m a proud queer Xicana member of the disability community, former teen mom, and first-generation postsecondary grad raised in generational poverty. My research and clinical work are informed by my lived experience, including my journey as a person of colour with vitiligo universalis and my lifelong quest to confront my own internalized misogyny, racism, and ableism as a dual Mexican-US citizen of Indigenous and settler lineage.

Over the past two decades, I’ve split my career between postsecondary teaching and leadership and existential decolonization therapy practice. I practice psychotherapy via telehealth in 4 U.S. states. I’m a member of the National Latinx Psychological Association, a Simulation Canada-trained healthcare simulationist, and co-founder of a U.S. public benefit corporation providing immersive counsellor training solutions.


My areas of interest are:

  • Immersive counsellor education and supervision informed by best practices in cultural humility and antiracism,
  • Policy solutions advancing mental health equity for marginalized communities, and
  • Resistance of the colonization of emerging digital spaces and technologies for mental health and wellness.

I am Principal Investigator on the Cultural Humility Immersive Assessment (CHIA) Project at the University of Regina and I’m on cross-disciplinary research teams exploring Indigenous mental wellness, immersive simulation in healthcare training, and policy solutions to rural & remote health human resources shortages. My research is funded by grants from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Mental Health Research Canada, and the University of Regina President’s Office. 

  • Nepantleras. Encyclopedia of Radical Helping (in press). 
  • Existentialism. Encyclopedia of Radical Helping (in press). 
  • Research Brief Series on Emerging Digital Technologies in Saskatchewan Healthcare (in press), Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives—Saskatchewan. 
  • Nahui Ollin, Xicanisma, and Anzaldua’s Conocimiento process: Decolonizing and indigenizing healing practices postmovimiento (manuscript in preparation).
  • The Future of XR-Enabled Healthcare Education on the Blockchain: Two Use Cases (manuscript in revision). 
  • Disability as Conocimiento: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Borderlands Disability Culture & Vitiliginous Identity (manuscript under review). 
  • North Island, Spring 2021. Radical Art Review (2021).
  • Cuentame sobre tu papa… Radical Art Review (2021). 
  • 33.3/296.34. Radical Art Review (2021).
  • Exoskeleton. Radical Art Review (2021).
  • Vitiliginous (Sk)Inscriptions: Historical religious interpretations of involuntarily whitening skin. In Schumm, D. & Stoltzfus, M. (Eds.), Critical Perspectives on Disability (2011).
  • Involuntary Whiteness: Autoethnographic Explorations of Vitiligo. Doctoral dissertation (2010).
  • Adapting and passing. In Ben-Moshe, L., Cory, R.C., Feldbaum, M., and Sagendorf, K. (Eds.), Building Pedagogical Curb Cuts: Including Disability in the University Classroom and Curriculum (2005). 
  • Constant queerying. In Farrell, K., Gupta, N., and Queen, M. (Eds.), Interrupting Heteronormativity: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pedagogy (2004). 
  • Research Design for Behavioral Sciences
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Multicultural Counselling
  • Health Promotion
  • Case Management
  • Social Problems & Solutions
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Paraprofessional Counselling Skills
  • Counselling Practicum
  • Human Relations
  • Human Sexuality
  • Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships
  • Lifespan Development
  • Adulthood & Ageing
  • Death, Dying, & Bereavement
  • Pharmacology of Addiction
  • Substance-Related & Addictive Disorders
  • Behavioural Modification/Cognitive Disorders
  • Substance Abuse Counselling Practicum
  • Assessment in Substance Abuse Counselling
  • Honours College: Great Works Colloquium
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders 
  • Power, Conflict, & Domestic Violence
  • Children In Black Families
  • History and Culture of Schooling

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