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Nelson Szeto, MCP, RCC-ACS

Associate Faculty

I have been a teacher and school counsellor with the Vancouver School Board for the past 26 years. I am currently an internship instructor in both the MC and M.Ed. programs at City U. I have been in these roles since January of 2023. When not teaching or counselling, I am an avid athlete, home cook and solver of puzzles and I live with my wife and teenage daughters in East Vancouver. 


I believe that we can all learn to be effective and compassionate therapists when we are grounded in our own healed hearts and minds to be helpful with our clients. I know students are eager to learn practical ways to work with clients, and learn how to apply theory into application. I aim to guide students to look inwards as they continue through the counselling program.


CPC 652, CPC 653, ECC 601, ECC 602

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