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Pamela Thompson

Associate Faculty

As a psychologist working in the area of trauma it challenges me to consider what it means to be human; what contributes to an individual’s wellbeing, a community’s wellbeing and global wellbeing. I believe my priority is to hold what is well within my clients and what they are yearning to have flourish.

As well as, my formal education; I have participated in extensive training in the area of body centered therapy through the Hakomi Institute and Somatic Experiencing. I have found this method particularly useful in the development of personal insight and awareness, as well as, in the resolution of traumatic memories and stresses.

I have been a psychologist now for 20 years. During this time, I have provided educational instruction for City University as well as McEwan University teaching a variety of courses for those entering the field of psychology and child and youth care.


I find most recently my research for development of my own practice is in the area of neuro- science with a particular interest in understanding the Poly Vagal theory in therapy.


My teaching approach is collaborative with students and when possible experiential

  • CPC 654
  • CPC 655
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