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Paula Mihai, MA

Associate Faculty

I joined City University of Seattle in 2018. I have a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle. I currently co-teach the Introduction to Counselling Psychology Practice Course, at the Masters of Counselling program in Edmonton. My role is to teach first year students and support them in acquiring therapeutic skills that will help with their future roles as counsellors.


I am not participating in any current research, although I have gained great interest in working with vulnerable adolescents experiencing severe trauma and mental health issues. In future research I would like to explore the role of attachment and the formation of adolescent identity and personality disorders. My past research has been focused on the development of bicultural and multicultural identity. Being raised in Canada by parents from a Hispanic background, I have always had interest in how individuals develop and navigate their identity throughout their life.


Teaching is a process through which I believe we connect and interact with others, particularly delivering knowledge and experience with others. I support cohort learning as it provides opportunities to build connections with our students and attend to their own needs, experiences and emotions about what is being learned.


Introduction to Counselling Psychology Practice

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