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Peter Monk, MSW, RCSW

Associate Faculty Member, Master of Counselling Program

I have been a university instructor and educator since 1998, and have been teaching in the CityU Master of Counselling program since 2022. My primary teaching and practice interests include counselling with children, youth and families, working in the context of mental health, ethical issues in counselling, group process work, and clinical supervision. I am also involved in supporting the CityU comprehensive exam process, and reviewing Capstone projects.

Research Interests

My research interests include counselling ethics, mental health practice, clinical supervision, and the use of technology to augment clinical counselling.


My teaching philosophy is best described as follows: discuss-demonstrate-practice-reflect. I like to introduce topics by placing them in a critical context, then show how an approach or skill can be used, and conclude by creating the opportunity for practice and reflection. The assignments in my classes have a focus on both academic analysis and the creation of practical uses for the skills introduced. I see myself as a lifelong learner, practitioner and educator.

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