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Rami Mustafa

Dr. Rami Mustafa has been an adjunct faculty in the BAM program at the City University of Seattle since 2021. As a professor, Dr. Mustafa teaches various courses, including English Writing and Composition, Critical Thinking, and Business Communication. He has received his doctorate from the University of Exeter, England. Dr. Mustafa has very diverse experience in various settings: at higher education institutes (in Canada, USA, UK, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia) and with industry leaders (such as Saudi Aramco), and his experience has expanded over 23 years. Dr. Mustafa has several publications and has presented his work at multiple international conferences. 

In addition to his experience in teaching, Dr. Mustafa has led many workshops and training programs for students and employees in areas such as time management, coaching, training and development, leadership, and business communication. 

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