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Rolando Islas

Rolando Islas has a long-standing career as a Philosophy professor and businessman. In 1989 founded Synapsis Sistemas in Mexico City where he performed his duties as Chief Operations Officer until 1997 when he left to create Logica de Sistemas where he was the CEO until sold in 2020. He had the privilege to design and deploy a trading system to avoid the floor in person operations at the Mexican Stock and Exchange money market, design a system to control in real-time the operations of a few of Fortune 10 companies, was involved in the design of the first cross-selling platform for banking and investment products in Latin America, and was involved in the design and deployment of a predictive trend analysis platform for business intelligence. 

From 1993 to 1996 he studied an MBA at IPADE institute for business management for experienced executives in Mexico City, which holds strong ties with Harvard Business School and its case methodology as a learning tool. In 2001 he decided to study a bachelor’s in philosophy, especially interested in the field of Philosophy of Science, in 2008 did a thesis on the problem of Objectivity in the Quantum Mechanics Field to earn the master’s degree in Philosophy of Science, and in 2014 he earned a Ph.D. With a thesis on belief and design on David Hume’s philosophy. He has been teaching philosophy-related courses since 2008, researching and publishing over a dozen articles related to the convergence of technology, philosophy, and media; edited a book published by McGraw Hill on Human Digitalities in 2020. He has collaborated as a speaker for St. Michaels College at Toronto University, with Universidad Mayor in Chile as a researcher, with Universidad Panamericana in Mexico as a lead researcher, and joined the CityUniversity of Seattle in 2021 as an associate faculty professor.

He believes deeply in the old Greek concept of PAIDEIA and its commitment to training the best possible, competent, and ethical professionals for the generations to come.

Rolando has been a BC resident since 2001.

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