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Ron Manley, PhD., R. Psych

Associate Faculty

Dr. Ron Manley is a registered (#0866) Psychologist who has worked for over three and a half decades in Vancouver, including eleven years as Clinical Director of a specialized eating disorders program for children and adolescents. He has a particular interest in the integration of somatically-oriented psychotherapy with cognitive, attachment, and mindfulness approaches. He is in private practice where he offers psychotherapy, consultation for therapists, and workshops/training. His current interests include human potential generally, and the interface between psychotherapy and spirituality.


My current interests include human potential generally, attachment, neuroscience, affect regulation, and the interface between psychotherapy and spirituality.


I really enjoy teaching and have been doing so at City University since 2017. In course CPC 526 Counselling Psychology Theory, I provide an overview of several different approaches to psychotherapy. I see this course as fundamental to helping students begin to get a sense of a theoretical framework that will ground their professional practice of counselling. In the CPC 522 Psychology of Trauma course, I convey to students a neurobiological and somatically-based psychotherapy approach to a current understanding and treatment of trauma. This equips students to appreciate an autonomic nervous system understanding of affect dysregulation, and how a somatically-oriented psychotherapy may help clients in their recovery. In CPC 651/652/653: Practicum I/II/III I provide consultation to students on their clinical work.

I believe that a combination of academic and clinical teaching can really facilitate the professional growth of students. It is a lengthy and challenging journey to becoming a psychotherapist. I feel that if I can bring the right mix of experience, skill, knowledge, and passion forward in my courses, that I can make an important contribution to students’ growth and development.

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Microskills Series- Repairing Ruptures in the Therapeutic Alliance

Capstone Advisor and Second Reader

CPC 511 Psychology of Grief and Loss

Practicum Instructor

CPC 526 Counselling Psychology Theory

CPC 511 Psychology of Trauma and Interpersonal Violence

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