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Sacha Médiné, MC, RCC

Associate Faculty 

I have been a member of the teaching staff at City University since 2017. In addition to teaching at CityU, I work in independent practice as a therapist, supervisor, and consultant.

I provide training and support on topics such as EDI (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion), anti-Racism, anti-Blackness & white supremacy, Housing First, and staff sustainability.

In my therapeutic practice and activism I focus on supporting individuals and people in relationships who are a part of communities subject to structural violence (including but not limited to BIPOCs, Queer, trans & gender nonconforming folks), people involved in social justice movements & direct action activism, and folks working on being accountable for doing harm in ways that are connected to, or involve participation in, systems of structural oppression (eg. gendered violence & white supremacy). I also provide clinical supervision to counsellors and other practitioners who operate from a politicized or social justice orientation.


My research interests include anti-patriarchal masculinities, intimate relationships across differing locations of relative structural power, and methods for developing more just and equitable practices in socially just and anti-racist education.


I aim to facilitate a classroom environment that is explicitly justice-seeking and helps students identify connections between structural/sociopolitical forces and everyday counselling practice. I draw on knowledge and perspectives from feminist, queer, and critical race theory as well from social movements and activism.

I truly value the wisdom and knowledge from outside the academy that students bring with them to the program and strive to create a space where it can be recognized, acknowledged, and integrated into clinical practice.

Ultimately, I believe that teaching in a counselling program involves an ethical obligation to clients. More specifically, a requirement to participate in the creation of a field that not only more fully reflects the faces of its clients, but seeks first to be in care of, and led by, the communities in our society most marginalized and subject to structural violence. I attempt, in whatever ways I can, to always orient my teaching to respond to this requirement.

Courses taught at CityU
  • Systemic Theory: Diversity & Cultural Psychology
  • Professional Ethics & the Law
  • Couples Counselling
  • Practicum I/II/III
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