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Shenaz A. Hanif-Shahban Ph.D.

Associate Director, Master of Counselling Programs in Vancouver BC

  • Well-being
  • Strategy
  • Natural Sciences: [Physics & Biology]

Author of:

  • -“Understanding Wellbeing & Strategic Design” by Dr. Shenaz A. Hanif Shahban (Macmillan Publishing House)
  • -“Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research” by Dr. Shenaz A. Hanif Shahban  (Macmillan Publishing House)
  • -“Public policy: A case for the Canadian settlement platform” by Dr. Shenaz A. Hanif Shahban  (Macmillan Publishing House)
Teaching Philosophy

“Recognize that unlearning is the highest form of learning” -Rumi

Teaching, to me, should engulf the student in an ocean of new ideas, traversing waves of previously unknown knowledge, and diving in head -first to be carried into the far-reaching and undulating expansions of knowledge. This assumes however, that the student- knows how to, and, is- willing to swim.

Across my experiences, combining a variety of modalities, and symbolic work, with a clear and obvious link to learning objectives within a “trust the process approach” has the potential to build an inherent faith and trust for the educator. In this process, the educator is doing much of the heavy lifting but allows for much more depth and richness leaning on broad literatures spanning interdisciplinary fields. Education should not leave anyone “the same” as they were before.


Theories, CPC 526

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